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Bumpin shows your visitors each other's profiles and helps them make business contacts and friends.

People interested in new contacts come to you — Your attendance and profit increase*.
*if the profit of your business depends on attendance: restaurant/fitness club/cinema/conference/hotel/coworking/shopping mall/airline, etc.
Get your community
Attracts new
Increase in returnability
How Does Bumpin Increase Profits ?
For a person interested in new contacts, the main criterion for choosing a place to visit is the opportunity to solve their problem, not the service, interior, etc.

Therefore, the more Bumpin users you have, the more people will come to you.

Our tests show that using Bumpin increases the return rate by 20-25%.
When meeting your visitors in places of the city in their normal life, they receive notifications:

"(Name) came, he also visits (name of your place), greet and start in-person conversation"!

Every meeting, even if they haven't waved to each other, they return to the atmosphere of your brand.

And if they met at your place, the next time they choose a place to visit, they will return to your place.
Users from other places see that there are a lot of users in your place and they come to you because it is easier for them to find business contacts and friends there.

Your regular visitors inevitably tell their friends about you working with Bumpin and they become your new visitors.

The number of new visitors due to word of mouth increases by 20-25%
Attracting new visitors
Community formation
Which Businesses Can Benefit from Bumpin?
Conferences, Exhibitions
Bumpin will increase the number of tickets sold and the price you can charge for the next event after your guests try Bumpin
Hotels, Restaurants, Cafe,
Fitness clubs, Coworking
Bumpin will increase the return rate of customers, attract new visitors and allow you to increase prices
Shopping malls
Bumpin will increase the revenue of tenants and rental prices they are willing to pay
If you want to unite your team, Bumpin will help employees get to know each other faster and create a strong emotional connection between them within the company
Stadiums, Cinemas
Your viewers will be able to find companions to go with. You will win the competition with the TV
Bumpin shows users other passengers connected to the same Wi-Fi network, so your passengers can get acquainted with someone they are interested in and help the flight go by faster so they will choose your airline again
How to Start Using Bumpin
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