Shows users' profile AT THE same office, cafe, conference or any other place as you.

Helps to start in-person conversation
Make Business Contacts and Friends at the Places
of Your City
If There are No Users at the Same Place as You
Go and meet new business contacts and friends
• you can see which public places in the city currently have users, how many and their profiles*
*only user profiles that are open to people from other places.
• helps you choose a place where interesting people are and find companions to go with.
How Do You Use Bumpin ?
If you go to a cafe, gym,
cinema, etc.:
  • you see users who are there, their profiles and occupation

  • greet someone interesting in Bumpin and then start an in-person conversations

  • don't forget to exchange contacts in one click without any typing or QR codes. The data will be saved to your phone's contact list
  • choose which cafes, gyms, cinemas, etc. have the most users now and it will be easier to find business contacts and friends

  • invite people with open profiles to go together - just click "Let's go together" on the profile of someone interesting

  • allow others to invite you - click "I'm going" on the page of your favorite place
If you are looking for a place to go or companions to go with:
If you meet another user at the same place as you, you will both receive notifications
Bumpin will make sure that you do not miss anyone interesting when you visit the places of your city in everyday life
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Good Luck With Interesting Meetings!
Download Bumpin and make new business contacts and friends at the places of your city
For Partners
Bumpin will increase the number of tickets sold and the price you can charge for the next event after your guests try Bumpin
Bumpin will increase the return rate of customers, attract new visitors and allow you to increase prices
Your viewers will be able to find companions to go with. You will win the competition with the TV
With Bumpin, you will attract new visitors and increase attendance at the expense of people interested in new contacts