Bumpin shows the occupation of the current guests and helps start in-person conversations
Make new acquaintances at Suvoroff restaurant
shows the occupation of the current guests and helps start in-person conversation
Make new
acquaintances at
Suvoroff restaurant
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You can look at a person's profile and see them in real life immediately. Exchange greetings in Bumpin and then approach them for in-person conversations.

If the situation doesn't allow you to start in-person communications, you can text the person in Bumpin. Now you won't miss anyone who could be your friend or business partner.

Now if you go to the cinema or visit a conference alone, you can find a friend or companion there.

Find friends and business partners in Suvoroff restaurant not on the internet.
Bumpin's geolocation settings identify what exact cafe, office, etc. you are in, as well as other places with users in your city.

If you haven't met users in your place, ask people from other places to meet you in any location.

Bumpin shows which partner-places users are in right now and how many users are there.

You can even see all the users with open profiles from your city and which places they are in.

To see the exact number of users in your favourite places anytime, save these places in Bumpin.
Bumpin makes business networking as easy as never before.

You will be able to see the Suvoroff restaurant guests' profiles, their occupation and start business communication in a wink.

Fill out your business card and exchange contacts with one click.

Greet users at the same place as you and get greetings back.

Chat with other guests in Suvoroff Chat.

Bumpin is a new form of free communication and a simple answer to the questions: "How can I find friends?", and: "How can I find a person who I crossed paths with, but haven't exchanged contacts with?".
Now you can exchange contacts with new acquaintances with one click.
To receive notifications about users who come to your place, keep exact access to geolocation "Always".
Geolocation allows you to find friends, and people nearby.

You can use Bumpin for free.

Bumpin Plus includes advanced features for basic functions. You can get Bumpin Plus by paying a subscription fee or by inviting friends.

Bumpin Plus costs about $1 per week. The exact cost in the currency of your country is shown in the application.

If you purchase Bumpin Plus, the fee will be deducted from your iTunes account. The subscription is automatically renewed, but you can cancel it at any time at least 24 hours before the expiration of the current subscription.

Good luck with interesting meetings!
The location method we use saves as much battery power as possible.
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